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First, history:

Zibo Dao Maison Insulator Co., Ltd. is located in Kunlun Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province. Its predecessor experienced the following evolution from the old state-owned enterprise to the Sino-British joint venture to the US-owned company to the private company: (1) The company was established in 1958. It is one of the five major insulator manufacturers in the Ministry of Water and Electricity;

(2) In January 1997, Morgan Stanley of the United Kingdom established a joint venture with the Australian Electric Power Company with a history of 100 years of electric and electric porcelain manufacturing to establish Zibo Morgan Insulator Co., Ltd.;

(3) In March 2000, it was acquired by the world's top 500 American Tyco Electronics Corporation as a wholly-owned US company;

(4) In October 2013, American Tyco Corporation changed its shareholding and changed its name to Zibo Maddison Insulator Co., Ltd.

Second, the development prospects:

In the next 5-10 years, China's railway, intercity rail transit and urban rail transit and its equipment manufacturing market have broad prospects.

1. The national 13th Five-Year Plan for the construction of high-speed rail network has opened a new prelude to railway construction. The National Medium- and Long-Term Development Plan for Railways shows that in terms of railways, the national railway operating mileage will reach 120,000 kilometers by 2020, and the average annual growth of railways in the next few years is expected to remain around 4,000 kilometers.

2. In terms of inter-city rail transit, in 2015, China's urban rail transit operation history has reached 3,000 kilometers. By 2020, China will build an intercity rail transit and passenger dedicated line of about 15,000 kilometers, with an investment of about 2 trillion yuan. The purchase and installation costs of various types of technical equipment account for about 35-40%. Therefore, the construction of the intercity passenger dedicated line will provide about 700-800 billion yuan market space for the rail transit equipment manufacturing industry.

3. Urban Metro Light Rail: In order to solve the urban traffic congestion and solve the air pollution caused by urban fuel gas traffic, 42 cities across the country have built, built or improved the subway transportation network, and more and more second and third tier cities have joined the subway transportation planning. It even includes intercity light rail transit.

4. The implementation of the national “one road and one belt” strategy has great demand for rail transit and other rail transit. Future emerging economies such as India and Africa have huge potential demand for railway and other infrastructure construction.

Among them, porcelain insulators (not only widely used in transmission and distribution lines, electrical equipment and power stations) are indispensable important insulation materials for railway electrification development. With the revitalization of equipment manufacturing industry, the construction of national power grid power stations, railway electrification and cities With the rapid development of rail transit, porcelain insulator products will usher in unprecedented room for growth.

Secondly, in the fields of transmission and distribution lines, electrical equipment and power station applications, there are many other related undeveloped products that attract us to carry out technical challenges and product development, which means the horizontal development of porcelain insulator applications.

Third, the company's industry status

From the development history of the company, the status of the industry: the original Zibo Electric Porcelain Factory is one of the five major insulator manufacturers in the former Ministry of Water and Power. The former joint venture holding company, British Morgan Materials Co., Ltd. is the world leader in refractory ceramic materials, and the Dow Johnson Group of Zibo Morgan Insulators. The production of Dowson Power Fittings and Porcelain Insulators is well-known at home and abroad. Later, the holding company, Tyco International, only acquired the top two companies in the world industry----the predecessor of Zibo Dao Maison Insulator Co., Ltd. In the ranks, foreign investment has been in operation for 17 years.

Zibo Dao Maison Insulator Co., Ltd. is the only manufacturer of subway, light rail and high-iron porcelain insulators in Shandong Province. It is the main manufacturer of subway insulators in China. The products cover 70% of the subway market, and the light rail line products have exclusive “light rail bus insulation insulators”. National patents have a market coverage of 100% and occupy a monopoly position.

Insulators for high-speed railway construction, the company won the bid for the Daqin Railway in 2007. In the later period, the return rate of the fixed assets investment of the parent company Tyco Electronics must be less than 1.5 years of financial policy restrictions. The company has suspended the investment in the expansion and expansion of high-speed rail insulators. The high-speed rail development opportunities, but due to the brand effect of the subway market and the sharing effect of customer resources, Zibo Dao Maison still enjoys the reputation of “rail transportation boutique”. In June 2016, the “High-speed Rail Electrified Insulator Network Access License” issued by the State Railway Administration opened the door to the high-speed rail insulator market.

Competitive advantages:

(1) Qualification advantage: The company has obtained the high-speed rail insulator production administrative license issued by the State Railway Corporation and the CRCC certification issued by the National High-speed Railway Equipment Inspection Center, and has become one of the eight manufacturers with high-speed railway construction supply qualifications in China. The company participated in the construction of the national high-speed rail network and the “one road and one belt” voyage for the hard-to-find passport.

(2) Brand advantage: “Dawson insulator” has already become one of the famous brands in the field of insulators in the world, covering a wide range of fields and high viscosity for customers.

(3) Good user experience: personalized customization, close to user service, fast delivery, safe and reliable, engineering construction and operation and maintenance without worries are the best experience for users.

(4) Product advantages:

1. The product porcelain is high-strength porcelain, which meets and exceeds the IEC C-130 material standard; the unique porcelain manufacturing process makes the material strength utilization rate reach the industry leader; the unique glaze sand technology improves the porcelain strength by 22%. Above, far exceeds the industry's largest 12% strength improvement rate bottleneck; formulation, particle gradation, porcelain structure and firing control ensure porcelain weather resistance, cold and heat resistance and long-term electromechanical alternating load resistance characteristic. 2. Have perfect technology and quality control means to ensure the quality of product fittings; 3. The bonding of porcelain and fittings adopts Japanese high-quality high-grade cement cement and curve steaming, the product has high strength, small dispersion, no attenuation at later stage, no Volume expansion, resistance to freezing and salt water erosion. 4. It is manufactured according to the standard or customer requirements and the dimensional tolerances are strictly controlled with the customer interface. The adaptability is good.

The company has successively been “Metro Engineering of Hong Kong MRT Company”, “Electrical Railway Engineering of German Railway Company”, “Australian Queensland Railway Engineering”, “Shanghai Metro Line 2 and Line 7 Extension Line Project”, “Beijing Metro Line 6 Line 14 and Extension "Engineering" and Shenzhen, Chongqing, Harbin, Nanjing, Nanchang, Suzhou, Ningbo and other domestic and international subway, light rail, intercity, tram and other engineering projects supply insulator lightning arrester products, all of the above users have become the high loyalty of Dowson user.

(5) Advantages of equipment: Switzerland imported screen iron remover, Argentina imported mud machine, imported photoelectric forming machine produced by Germany Nats, Australia imported GFC company shuttle kiln, vertical insulator packing machine produced by Japan NGK company Imported Australian mechanical strength testing machines, etc. These devices are still the cutting-edge equipment for the production and testing of insulators in the world. Our company is exclusively owned in China and has absolute advantages over competitors in improving product quality, production efficiency and achieving product proprietary characteristics.

(6) Professional manufacturing advantages: Focus on the industry segmentation, professional personnel to do professional things, professional companies focus on segmentation areas, development and precipitation to cultivate professional competitive advantages. For a long time, the company has not sought to expand its product range blindly, but has increased its research and development on products that are dominant in the enterprise (for subway contact networks, cross-light rail monorail contact networks, and insulators for urban tram networks). Design and technology research efforts, adhere to the strategic positioning of professional production.

(7) Cost advantage: The company always adheres to the sales strategy of high quality and high price. Because it has higher than 10% of other manufacturers' support rate, the company is not afraid of the vulgar competition in the market to sell inferior products at low prices.

(8) Have a strict quality management system. The company has been certified by the Norwegian Classification Society DNV ISO9001 (2000) quality system since 1998 and has passed the annual DNV audit.

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