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What is the anti-fouling effect of composite insulator?

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What is the anti-fouling effect of composite insulator?

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Composite insulator composite insulator The overall rod design, compact structure, high quality, weight is 1/10 of the same grade porcelain and glass insulators, transportation and installation is very convenient. Suitable for dirty areas, high mechanical tensile loads, large spans and compact lines. The flashover voltage is 30%-50% higher than the same grade porcelain and glass insulators. Stable performance at -60 degrees - +200 degrees ambient temperature; non-breakdown design, no need to measure zero value during operation.

(1) Excellent contamination performance. The surface of the silicone rubber umbrella cover material is not only drowning at a new time, but also under the operating conditions of the line, when the hydrophobicity is temporarily lost, the water repellency can be restored. Water forms water droplets on the surface of the material. The very fine film of the silicone rubber liquid basically engulfs the dirt, thereby inhibiting the dissolution of the ionic substance in the water, providing a high surface resistance of the Longcheng information network, reducing the leakage current and improving The dirty flashover voltage. This property is maintained even when the silicone rubber material ages. Therefore, the reliability of electric energy transmission is improved, and the cleaning and maintenance cost of the insulator is remarkably reduced.

(2) Excellent resistance to UV rays, corrosion resistance, Xiamen waste recycling

(3) Small size and light weight The 110kv/100kn composite long rod insulator weighs only 12% of the corresponding 70kn porcelain insulator. This light weight greatly saves the installation and transportation costs, it tends to eliminate the need for cranes, and is particularly suitable for the erection and maintenance of mountain lines where line emergency repair and transportation are not accessible; it can simplify the tower structure and allow for larger spans ( Reduce the number of towers); and provide conditions for the development of compact lines.

(4) Production and delivery time is much shorter than porcelain insulators

(5) No insulation resistance zero value detection is required.

(6) No brittle defects This feature not only facilitates installation and transportation, but also makes it more resistant to arcing than porcelain insulator washing machines.

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