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Composite insulator type advantages

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Composite insulator type advantages

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Composite insulator is a kind of special insulator, which is mainly used in the mortgage overhead distribution line. It is made of special raw materials and plays an important role in the use. When using plastic composite insulators, pay attention to some methods and items of use. It is necessary to prevent the aging of the insulators, have a certain impact on the equipment, damage the efficacy of the equipment, and prevent the insulation. The plastic composite composite insulator for low-voltage overhead distribution lines is generally made of high-density polyethylene. The anti-aging agent is extruded at one time, and various low-voltage insulators can be made according to the different uses of the insulator.

  Compared with traditional porcelain insulators, this kind of insulator can reduce the cost, facilitate the construction, improve the work efficiency, and its damage rate is almost zero, the performance is good, the applicability is strong, safe and reliable, and it is also an ideal low-voltage overhead power distribution. Insulators for the line.

  The plastic composite insulator has a relatively good advantage, can show good use value in use, improve the efficiency of the project, ensure the normal operation and implementation of the construction, and reduce the cost and cost of the project.

  The composite insulator installed on the transmission line may suffer from the decrease of insulation resistance and cracking due to long-term experience of electromechanical load, sun and rain, cold and heat changes during operation.

Faults such as breakdowns pose a potential threat to power supply reliability. Therefore, on-line detection of composite insulators is of great significance.

  On high-voltage transmission lines, the aging of composite insulators directly threatens the safe operation of the power system and directly affects the safety of the power system. Aging insulators, especially the zero-value insulators, are not only prone to over-expansion, resulting in cracks in the insulator head, causing wire breakage accidents, and low flashover voltage, which reduces the insulation level of the high-voltage lines.

  A composite insulator zero-value insulator refers to an insulator whose potential distribution across the insulator is close to zero or equal to zero during operation. The effect of zero or low value insulators (low insulation and insulation resistance of insulator zero value insulator is generally 0 MΩ~300MΩ): the insulation of the line conductor depends on the insulator string, and the insulation performance of the insulator will continue due to manufacturing defects or external influences. Degradation, when the insulation resistance is reduced or zero, is called a low value or insulator '> zero value insulator. They have a great influence on the operation of the line. According to incomplete statistics, the ratio of zero or low value insulators is about 0.3% in the line running suspension porcelain insulator.

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