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Introduction of the performance of composite insulators

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Introduction of the performance of composite insulators

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Composite insulators are usually made of glass or ceramics. Due to their small size, light weight, strong shock resistance and high degree of pollution resistance, they have become the darling of electric power work.

    Due to frequent exposure to the outdoors, high-voltage power lines often face harsh weather conditions such as fog, rain, dew, snow, and ice melting. That is, under these harsh conditions, a large number of casualties caused by electrical leakage have become a phenomenon. Hidden dangers, but with composite insulators, composite insulators are usually made of glass or ceramic, while ceramics and glass are organic composites. The biggest advantage of organic composites is their hydrophobicity on the surface of composite insulators. The water separation forms an independent water droplet. Without the link of the sewage, there is no conductivity, thus solving the problem of current leakage or local strong current.

1. The umbrella disk made of polymer rubber based on silicone rubber has the advantages of good water repellency, corrosion resistance and aging resistance. It can effectively prevent the occurrence of pollution flashover accidents, reduce manual cleaning, and avoid zero-value maintenance, which provides a reliable guarantee for the safe operation of transmission lines.

2. The mandrel is made of glass fiber reinforced resin rod, which has high tensile strength (>1100Mpa), about 1.5~2 times of ordinary steel and 3~5 times of high strength porcelain. In addition, the mandrel also has good vibration damping, creep resistance and fatigue fracture resistance.

3. The fitting of the fittings and the mandrel is made of non-damaged mechanical crimping, which is the most advanced connection method in the world today. The utility model has the advantages that the connection is safe and reliable, the pressure distribution of the crimping stress is uniform, and the integrity of the glass fiber bundle of the mandrel is not damaged, and the excellent characteristics of the high tensile strength can be fully exerted.

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