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35KV composite pin insulator

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35KV composite pin insulator

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I. Overview of 35KV composite pin insulator products

High-voltage line composite pin insulators have high resistance to bending, torsional strength, impact resistance, shock resistance and explosion-proof performance. The internal insulation is reliable, light weight and easy to install. It is an ideal replacement for traditional needle-type porcelain insulators.

Second, 35KV composite pin insulator features

The insulator is made of special steel. The end of the fitting adopts the labyrinth design principle, multi-layer protection, good sealing performance, and solves the key problem of the insulator----interface electrical breakdown. The connection between the metal fitting and the mandrel adopts the internationally advanced computer-controlled coaxial constant pressure crimping process, and is equipped with a fully automatic acoustic emission flaw detection system to ensure the reliability and stability of the connection between the metal fitting and the mandrel. The core rod adopts ERC high temperature acid resistant rod, and the core rod and silicone rubber interface are coated with special coupling agent. The umbrella cover adopts a one-time integral molding process under high temperature and high pressure, and the two-stage vulcanization process monitored by the computer prolongs the service life of the product.

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