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Causes of internal air holes in composite insulator

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Causes of internal air holes in composite insulator

Date of release:2019-01-21 Author: Click:

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  2. 1. It is the glue of the glass core rod. It is not bonding because it is the bonding of metal and rubber glass rod and rubber. It indicates that there is a problem with the glue or uneven application. Now most manufacturers use 1401 glue.

  3. 2, the mold temperature is not uniform, the measurement is problematic, in general, the mold should measure six points above the front, middle and back of the mold before and after the mold, according to my experience in the summer 165 degrees Celsius is average, winter 145 is average .

  4. 3, there is an additional problem, now this insulator is generally molded by integral casting, the rubber capacity should be controlled well, and the more the flash edge is thicker, the lack of glue will result in the lack of glue, try to choose in the molding process Manually, exhaust 2 times

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